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Game of Anarchy

Rita, a reputed investigative journalist. Her life revolves around exposing corrupt politicians and their schemes.
Raghav, a young business tycoon has all he wants in life. He pulls strings in the corridors of power.
Samar, a highly decorated officer of the Indian Army is disenchanted with the system.

The three highly motivated friends since college want one thing – India’s name to be etched in glory.

But their ideologies are poles apart. When their paths cross amidst chaos and anarchy which has gripped the entire nation, it is a concoction too powerful to contain.

Random killings take place when Rita stumbles upon a terrible plan. There is even an attempt on her life. Someone wants her dead… badly. Eventually a Maoist Leader, Head of RAW and ISI Director get entangled in the mess. In the backdrop of misgovernance and scams, extremism, lawlessness and government ineptitude, their actions will decide the fate of the entire subcontinent outside the borders.

Is there something more sinister lurking behind the fa├žade that Rita discovers? What role does Raghav and Samar play in bigger scheme of things and how does it go on to redefine geo-political situation in the entire subcontinent?

Reviews of "Game of Anarchy"

"It is well-written in every sense, so as not to bore the readers or give them a political overdose. It involves everything, right from conspiracy, corruption, intelligence, Maoism, terrorism, journalism and much more. Together, the author has clubbed it so well that it comes out as a great thriller!"

- Pooja Kshirsagar

"With my recent fare of political fictions and conspiracies, my head feels like it is floating in a cloud of illusions. The plot of the book is too realistic to ignore; Based completely on the political mayhem of India, the realities of the plot will resound to well with the common public. The success of the book can be largely credited to the excellent narration of the plot comprising of dirty politics and corruption...... Definitely recommending, especially those who are a fan of political fiction in general or have followed books written by Vince Flynn."

- Ishita

"It’s a brilliantly drafted book on Indian political scenario. Right from setting up the stage (for anarchy), to creating the unrest (and anarchy) and finally putting an end (to anarchy) was well presented. I was impressed by the amount of research done by the author on the political environment of India – both past and present. Many new aspects I learnt about defense, international affairs between countries, under cover operations and all."

- Shilpa Dhobale

"The political and the military scenarios that were described were all too believable. The pace of the story is fast and so the reader just cannot stop reading, and if we do, the story keeps going on in our heads. The author has played well by placing interesting hangers in the middle of the story and then going on to the other part, thus making this an extremely interesting read."

- Dhwani Swadia

"The plot is intriguing and the characters very well developed. The author does a fantastic job in portraying the dogmas of every character and the conflicts within."

- An Amazon Reviewer


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